Meet our team.

Denise Cope, Owner

Known as D-Nice in some circles. Visionary. Lighthearted. Tasteful. Creative spirit, hence the awe-inspiring showroom. Founded Montage after drinking —ahem… peddling— fine wines in California. These days, one might find her giggling and gardening with her family, while perusing Pinterest, and daydreaming about her next Italian getaway, but not eating oysters or green peppers, ick…

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Sharon Thomas

Northern Colorado | Wyoming

Good luck trying to rattle Sharon. Number 10 of 12 kids (!), mom to Grace and Jack, and wife to Harold for 26 years, she can make her way through most any situation with her persistent, organized and giving nature.  Don’t come hungry, Sharon’s not a cook.  But, you’ll always find a bowl of homemade chocolate chip cookie dough in her fridge.  Excuse her as she runs out the door – to work those cookies off on the hiking trail – or jaunts off to Rome, her favorite travel destination.

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Jensy McNamara

Central Denver | New Mexico

If she’s not being overly active outdoors, overly organized indoors, or risking her life in the ocean, she’s probably compiling all sorts of cool music or dancing the night away at Red Rocks. Being called Ginseng, Genessee, or even Nancy might be typical for someone named after her father’s high school girlfriend- wait, what? Never mind. For best results, call her Jensy.

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Sharald Church

Southern Colorado

Sharald has probably heard any ways you might joke on her name.  Having traveled addictively and lived abroad in 3 countries, she’s had plenty of experience spelling it out and seeing how it can be blundered on coffee cups.  Just think Harold with an “S.”

She and her long-time husband, Scott, are empty-nesting, adventurous foodies. The combo means they might be found road-tripping in their teardrop camper, likely chasing their favorite meals, hiking and exploring.  When home, Sherald has an affinity for art, restoring her Victorian home, creating, gardening and cuddling her cat, River.  

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Robin Gehmlich


Independent. Driven. Well-versed on all sides of the gig; go ahead, ask her anything about procuring, displaying or vending. Maybe it helped to grow up in a house with eight kids. Her dream date? Riding the back of her hubby’s motorcycle to dine on sushi, followed by… dessert with her own three kiddos. When running low on marvelous gifty-poos, she’s your gal.

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Nancy Schultz

Manager of all things Commissions and Brandwise

Nancy’s favorite time is spent patiently growing giant vegetables, fungi, and beekeeping.  Her past is as eclectic as her garden. Knowing she’s peddled desserts in Alabama and, later, owned  construction company in Colorado, it’s natural to wonder what sort of project she might dream up next.  Her creative flare assures she’s self-entertained.  At her core, she’s realistic, diligent and family-oriented.

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