Meet our team.

Denise Cope, Owner

Known as D-Nice in some circles. Visionary. Lighthearted. Tasteful. Creative spirit, hence the awe-inspiring showroom. Founded Montage after drinking —ahem… peddling— fine wines in California. These days, one might find her giggling and gardening with her family, while perusing Pinterest, and daydreaming about her next Italian getaway, but not eating oysters or green peppers, ick…

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Casey Carter-Fortier

Northern Colorado | Wyoming

To know her is to know her affinity for animals; don’t think of looking at one cross-eyed in her presence… She doesn’t eat them, either, and even named her dog “Spinach.” Whatever you do, please don’t drive slowly, in front of her, in the fast-lane, and… can you say Germaphobe? For impeccable service and attention.

Phone: 303.358.9109
Fax: 303.265.9728

Jensy McNamara

Central Denver | New Mexico

If she’s not being overly active outdoors, overly organized indoors, or risking her life in the ocean, she’s probably compiling all sorts of cool music or dancing the night away at Red Rocks. Being called Ginseng, Genessee, or even Nancy might be typical for someone named after her father’s high school girlfriend- wait, what? Never mind. For best results, call her Jensy.

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Trish Davison

Southern Colorado

Passionately eclectic in her interests. Don’t believe it? She’s a performer, adrenaline junkie and computer whiz. Also a worrywart…which is a good thing for her clients! And tailors orders to a tee. Need anything? Don’t hesitate to connect.

Phone: 303.221.0060 x4
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Robin Gehmlich

Utah| Idaho

Independent. Driven. Well-versed on all sides of the gig; go ahead, ask her anything about procuring, displaying or vending. Maybe it helped to grow up in a house with eight kids. Her dream date? Riding the back of her hubby’s motorcycle to dine on sushi, followed by… dessert with her own three kiddos. When running low on marvelous gifty-poos, she’s your gal.

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