About Montage

At Montage, undoubtedly Colorado’s most unique and tasteful manufacturer’s representative firm; we live and work by the motto “Keep Calm and Shop Local.” Why? Well, did you know that if each of us spent just $100 a year at local businesses, instead of at chain stores, we would put an extra $3 million a year into our economy? Not only that, but we would create thousands more jobs every year! We are your local reps, we live locally, we purchase locally, and we play locally and have local knowledge & expertise.

You’ll find Montage- a classic Colorado establishment- in the Denver Merchandise Mart, nestled in the Mile-High City. You’ll discover we’ve searched high and low to source the most artistic, innovative and downright charming gifts, decor, garden and spa items.

We work tirelessly and joyfully to place our clients’ wares in as many down-home, big or small retail entities as possible. Our hearts and minds are set on individuality, so we specifically tailor our peddling to your needs.

Formed in 1992, by “Gift and Garden Goddess” Denise Cope, Montage is now propelled by a sales team with a combined 112+ years of experience in the industry. We promise you’ll be cared for in the most personalized, friendly and attentive manner possible. We can’t wait to get to know you!

*Montage is a wholesale business so, sorry; we don’t sell directly to consumers.


we are your local reps—keep it local

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