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Triple Coated Nylon (TCN)-this is a durable nylon that is triple coated to provide its water resistant quality -care is sponge wash w a little soap and water no washing machine as this reduces it water resistant nature. This is smooth to touch and a slightly iridescent. It’s a durable material that stands up to daily use. Our classic collection is made from this material ie Canfiled/Bantry/Paddington

Taslan Nylon-much softer/luxurious to the touch this is the  Carnaby wallet, this material is used for accessories that do not need to be as durable as exterior material of a backpack.

rPET Polyester- Sustainable made form 12-15 recycled water bottles- the polyester has a canvas feel, its durable & water resistant- this is the Finchley.

rPET Nylon-Sustainable nylon (made from recycled water bottles) almost identical feel to TCN and this material allows Ori to provide greater color choice in sustainable bags. The following bags are now available in this material. Willesden, Bantry B small & Medium, Paddington B crossbody, Paddington B hip.

Premium Nylon- reserved for limited collections only – this Nylon is softer and lighter than TCN- this is the Camden bag which also has rubber Ori branding and rubber pulls.


Ori – 2024 – Fall
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