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Hey there, we’re Taylor and Tanner Barkin! We’re high school sweethearts who are self-taught in the art of screen printing, hand drawn design & candle making. What began as a fun set of hobbies for us all the way back in high school quickly evolved into an all-consuming passion.

If you’re head over heels about our designs, you have Tanner to thank for that. Tanner draws all of Moore’s designs by hand and pours so much passion into every single thing he creates. Taylor is the business mind behind Moore. She oversees the logistics and operations in addition to creating new products with Tanner. Together, we craft most products by hand in our Denver workshop.

Over the years, we’ve developed so much as creators and business owners, but one thing has remained the same through it all: our desire to create high quality products with uncompromised quality and design. To this day, the majority of our products are made by hand. As a family-owned business, it’s always been of utmost importance to make exceptional products you’ll love.


Moore Collection – 2024 – Drinkware Catalog
Moore Collection – 2024 – Spring Hats
Moore Collection – 2023 – Winter Snow
Moore Collection – 2023 – Plants
Moore Collection – 2023 – Catalog
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