Meri Meri

The story started in Los Angeles in 1985. Meredithe (whose childhood nickname was Meri Meri) would sit at her kitchen table with scissors, pens and a big pot of glitter. The first Meri Meri cards were made that way. The magic began… local stationery stores in Los Angeles loved her cards and asked for more. One kitchen table and one pair of scissors weren’t enough: soon Meredithe needed many kitchen tables and an enormous pot of glitter.

Then, in 1987, Meri Meri presented its little range of handmade cards at the National Stationery Show in New York. The response was phenomenal. Prestigious stores such as Bergdorf Goodman were ordering the Meri Meri range for their Christmas season. Cue more kitchen tables and great big sacks of glitter! The company grew from that little network of mothers working from home from Meredithe’s designs and direction. Today, Meri Meri doesn’t design on kitchen tables; the team has grown to about 100 people with offices in San Francisco, USA and a creative team based in Cheltenham, England. But the team still has its scissors, pens and all the glitter. Meri Meri products are sold all over the world and life is a little busier than it used to be, but the desire to create products to inspire and delight children and parents alike remains.


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