Drinks On Me Coasters

Drinks On Me features 250 coasters and a growing collection of (double sided) Cocktail napkins. Drinks On Me will tickle your customers funny bone; simple, smart, sophisticated highly relatable moments in life is a recipe for fun and success. Themes include babies, grandparents, relationships, work life balance, health, fitness, entertaining, drinking, wine, and more. The voice reflected on the products of 50 something couple, creators, Jennifer Neuguth and David Riordan is refreshingly timely and deliciously delightful! Hilarious, side-splitting, witty, a wee bit snarky!

These coasters and napkins will have your customers roaring (sometimes snorting) with laughter and your cash register singing with multiple sku transactions.

All Coaster and Napkins programs feature USA made custom displays. Retailers call these displays profit centers: 5 different display options holding up to 64 sku’s in 1 square foot. Retailers continually are amazed how many customers will buy 6,8,12 even 20 or more at a time. Funny is money! Let the fun begin!!


Drinks On Me – 2023 – catalog
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