Inspired by her uncle, whose black plastic comb hung precariously out the side of his wallet, Heather set out to create the ideal solution for grooming on the go. With an eye for simplicity and a relentless pursuit of quality, she continually iterated until Go-Comb is what it is today: a minimalist-yet-chic everyday essential.

Go-Combs are designed to last forever and to be (literally) unforgettable: storing right in your wallet. Precision-crafted either from stainless steel (coated for smoothness) or pre-consumer recycled plastic, Go-Combs are one of the highest rated combs on Amazon. Their ingenuity never ceases to delight, and dual-purpose designs like mirror and bottle opener make them all the more indispensable. Go-Combs work in all hair types — beards too!


Go-Comb - 2019 - Fall
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