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Canard Labs offers a way to escape from the worry and anxiety of the outside world. Something as simple as a beautifully swirled bar of soap or a crackling candle can change your disposition. Colors impact our state of mind. Bright yellows evoke a sense of optimism, clarity and warmth while greens bring you to a state of peacefulness. Layering colors and using them in the way that we do offer you a glimpse into joy each time you bathe. The swirls and designs change as you use the bar. It? s enough to keep you coming back for more. Design plays a huge role in all that we do. Obsessed with all things: mid-century modern, industrial and shabby chic... we find a way to incorporate it all into our products and displays without it getting too loud or disjointed. The maker movement has gained a tremendous amount of traction lately. Much like most handmade bath and beauty makers, we use high quality ingredients. Vegetable based recipes free of phthalates and parabens. While the ingredients are absolutely important, our main focus is adding a little bit of cheer to your life. We invite you to take a break, browse our collection and find your happy.


Canard Labs 2019 Catalog Fall Winter
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